What does it mean for you to trade Shares?

Trading shares is considered a smart path of multiplying your wealth. It is an extraordinary way of making profits while other people work to raise the value of the stocks. Once a company becomes public, its shares are available for anyone to trade on (no need to be the owner of them), or by your choice buying and being their owner. Once you keep a share, you are enjoying a piece of ownership in the underlying company.

How can you profit from changes in Shares rates?

Traders are able to trade stocks in many stock exchanges. There are different stock exchanges all over the globe and they operate at different times during the day. For example, if you trade stocks in the New York Exchange, you will be able to trade during 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern time. Most trading activity takes place during this time, even though there are pre-market and after-hours trading time available. To find and trade your favorite stock, you need stock’s ‘ticket’. If your favorite company is public, you can search it by the name followed by the term ‘quote’, and you will get the ‘ticket’.

The secret is to find the right moment when to buy and when to sell the stock. You can buy at a moment when you think the price is quite low, and you expect it to grow. Once you see that the price reached a peek, sell the stock and make the profit out of the price difference.

You can start trading with European Markets Consulting by a firm minimum of investment of $250. It is considered by our team of risk management as a fair amount to activate your account and see some profits in the short run.

Which Shares are the best to trade?

We aim to provide you with a wide list of stocks which covers over 15 countries, from huge companies to IPOs. Free advisory sessions with your account manager will make everything easier for you to understand how you can make the most out of stock trading. There are many stock trading strategies, you need to pick and stick with the one which fits your trading style and mentality. When a company decides to go public, the first time their stocks can be bought by the public is called IPO (initial public offer). After this the company might issue shares again and this is called FPO (following public offer), in order to raise market capitalization.

American Stocks

The largest companies in the US have a large impact on the American economy and to the rest of the world also. American companies have many years in the market, they are continuously adapting to the changes of the technology, government issues, charges and new fiscal policies.

German Stocks

The German stocks are very profitable because german companies are among the oldest and most powerful stocks in the world. Since the German economy is currently the largest economy in the old continent, trading on its stocks is a smart choice yet challenging enough and requires a lot of efforts to study the patterns of the price stocks.

British Stocks

The United Kingdom economy comes in the top 5 world economies. The U.K. is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The economy is well diversified and life quality is considered to be high. The economic sectors which give the biggest contribution to the UK’s GDP are tourism, constructions, manufacturing and services.

Exxon Mobil
CVS Health
Berkshire Hathaway
UnitedHealth Group

Deutsche Bank

Lloyds Banking Group plc
British American Tobacco
National Grid

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